Do you like James Bond, travel adventure and fast cars? Well, this book is for you!

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The James Bond novels were written by Ian Fleming and the James Bond movies were created by Danjaq LLC and EON Productions. Neither Danjaq, EON Production, nor the Ian Fleming estate have authorized or endorsed my book, 007Obie, which should not be confused with their creative works. 007Obie is a memoir - it is about my life, and any mention of the James Bond novels or movies is incidental.


It reminds me now of Casino Royale, the scene in which James Bond and Vesper Lynd were dining alone at the Hotel Splendide. My wife's lovely blue eyes sparkled with light from the crystal chandeliers. Joy and I were in St. Moritz to ski and seated that evening at a quiet table in the Palace Hotel's dining room. Fingering my lapel, I glanced up at the waiter, smiled, and uttered, "Bond, James Bond." He straightened a bit, raised his eyebrows, looked down his long French nose and said, "Yes, Monsieur, but white dinner jackets are worn only in the summer." Needless to say, I spent the rest of the evening peeking out of my shoe laces. Such were the lessons to be learned by a California guy wishing to be Bond.

As a teen I idolized Sean Connery's super-spy character and in adulthood did my best to emulate him - without killing anyone, of course. I studied foreign languages, trained in judo, karate, sword fencing and Alpine skiing; honed my gastronomic and wine tasting skills, acquired an Aston Martin and sought out the good life, traveling the world, experiencing the finest hotels and restaurants, and pursuing sports, a la Bond - with my beautiful wife, Joy, my Bond Girl, by my side.

So, light your reading lamp, get comfortable, then buckle-up to race a supercar through Laguna Seca's infamous "Corkscrew" curves; and tuck-in your napkin to savor Duck a l'Orange washed-down with Moet Champagne at the Paris Ritz; and brace yourself to plummet at 60 mph down an Olympic bobsled run; then sit back and relax in the warm bubbling waters of the Tschuggen's renown health spa.

Together, come, let's you and I ski the Alps, play on the French Riviera and live the 007 life!

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